Getting the itch to move, but not for a few more months? We always think Fall & Winter is a great time to sell your home! Why, you may ask? You have more serious buyers wanting to buy your home. And there's less competition on the market.

There is one downfall to selling your home during the Fall and Winter months, however. But it's only because Realtors and homeowners don't plan ahead. 

Look at your yard right now. It's probably lush and green and beautiful. But what is it going to look like in a few months when you're ready to sell? Brown and dead. 

Buyers want to see how beautiful the inside of your home is as well as your great exterior features. But it's hard to really show them off when everything in your yard is dead in November.

Just look at the difference between these exterior shots. Which photo would get you more excited about this home?

Which is why we're encouraging our clients who are looking to sell in the next 6 months to let us take complimentary exterior photos of your home now! Then when it's time to put your house on the market, we have gorgeous, exterior photos that will get buyers excited about your home even during those dreary winter months.

If you think you're almost ready to sell and you'd like to take advantage of this offer, contact us by August 30th, 2018 and we'll set up a complimentary exterior photography session for your home.

Reach out using any of the methods below and we'll contact you for more information to get your photography session scheduled.

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